Goats' Butter and Cream

After separating the cream from the milk in our dairy, we then use it to churn into goats' butter.

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Churning cream into butter

St Helen’s Farm goats’ butter is made by churning the cream in a large stainless steel vessel, which drains off the buttermilk and thickens the cream. To this, we add a small amount of colouring and salt.

The carotene colour we use helps to give the butter a more attractive appearance, which we find is what most people prefer. Otherwise the butter would be very white, rather like cooking lard!

The salt is included to help the flavour and to preserve the butter so that it has a reasonable shelf life once it is made. The butter is then packed in our dairy, where we have a small wrapping machine that forms the butter into our distinctive ‘D’ shaped rolls before wrapping them tightly in foil.

The health benefits

Discover the differences between cow and goats milk and learn about the gentle benefits of a goats' milk diet.

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Helen BondConsultant Dietitian

Cream for pouring and whipping

We are the only producers of fresh goats' cream in the country and the type we make is a double cream which is perfect for whipping or pouring.

Cream_render.pngMost of the spare cream we have is churned into butter, but we do save some for filling into small pots because we know that many people who area avoiding cows' milk products are looking for a real alternative that can be used in cooking or poured over their favourite dessert - or for home-made ice cream! 

The cream has a distinctive ice-white appearance and is available in 125g pots in selected Waitrose stores or through the online retailer Ocado.

Award-winning taste2star.png

Out of all the products we produce, we have probably won more awards for our butter than anything else.

Our goats' butter has won many prizes at dairy shows up and down the country, and has won Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards ever since 2011.

In 2018, our butter was again one of a select few to be judged worthy of the 2 Gold Stars at these prestigious awards that attract thousands of entries each year.

Many people remark upon its smooth and soft texture and it can be used in just the same way as cows’ butter and is excellent in cooking.

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