Goats Cheese – Hard or Spreadable

St Helen's Farm hard mild goats' cheese is, typically, matured for about 3 months. The mature version has a more complex flavour and is matured for up to 12 months. A delicious waxed Deli goats' cheese completes the range and they all have a firm, Cheddar style consistency. A unique blend of goats' cheese and goats' butter combine to form our mild and creamy Spreadable Goats Cheese, which is perfect on bread or biscuits and great for cooking and dipping.

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Spreadable Goats Cheese

A fantastic cheese with a mild and creamy taste that is really versatile and convenient to use


Using a unique blend of St Helen’s Farm goats’ cheese and goats’ butter, these two ingredients combine to produce a moreish flavour and smooth texture that is just the job for spreading onto crispbreads, crackers and crusty bread. It is such a versatile product and can be used in cooking to great effect.

Simply spoon and stir into pasta for an easy goats’ cheese sauce, or gently heat before spooning onto baked potato or to use as a dip with celery and carrot sticks, or your favourite crisps.

Stocked at most Waitrose stores.

Versatile and award-winning

Hard goats’ cheese is more versatile than the more familiar ‘crottins’ or logs of soft cheese that you find. It can be sliced, grated or cubed in a way that is more suitable for everyday use such as sandwich-making, cooking or sprinkling into soups and sauces. Whilst it is of great appeal to goats cheese lovers, it can also be perfect for people who are avoiding cows’ milk cheeses, but still want something that is easy and versatile to use.

The other key attraction of hard goats' cheese is that it offers the choice of mild or mature profiles. The St Helen's Farm range1star_120.png offers both types, which is designed to satisfy the needs of most ardent goats' cheese fans.

In 2016, St Helen’s Farm mild and mature goats’ cheese were both awarded Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards and are regularly selected by the judges as a winner in the Cheese and Dairy Shows held across the country each year.

In addition to the prepack range found in most supermarkets, St Helen's Farm goats' cheese is also available at the Deli counter in some stores, so you can choose to purchase as much or as little as you like.

Skilled cheesemaking

At St Helen's Farm, we do not have the facilities to manufacture cheese ourselves. It is a very skilled craft and we therefore send our fresh goats' milk to a specialist cheesemakers in Cheshire at a place called Laurel Farm. It is the home of the Joseph Heler dairy and they use our milk to make it into a mild or mature goats cheese that is just like a Cheddar - except that it's made with goats' milk.  Cheesemaking-small.jpg

They have been making award-winning cheeses in the village of Hatherton near Nantwich for over 100 years. Joseph Heler is the grandson of the founder and he established the modern day cheese business back in 1957.

Today, the cheese is still made in the traditional way as the curds are hand cut and stacked as part of the unique 'Cheddaring' process. 

Storage and grading

Once the cheese is made and pressed into blocks, it is stored at a cool temperature whilst it matures and develops to just the right flavour.

compressed-cheese-range.jpg That flavour is assessed by the expert cheese graders who sample the cheese at each stage of the maturation process until it is judged to be of the correct taste, texture and appearance for packing.

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St Helen's Farm products are available nationwide.

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