Long Life Goats’ Milk

Long life milk offers the convenience of ambient storage, which means that cartons can be stored as a standby and taken out of home without the need for refrigeration. Many people welcome the option to take product when going on holiday or visiting places where the availability of goats’ milk is limited.

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Especially Versatile

uht_single_polaroid.pngUsing fresh goat’s milk from our farm and our supplying family farms, we have partnered with a specialist dairy based in North Wales who heat treat the milk to give it a longer life and package into special twist cap cartons. This additional treatment also means that it can be stored without the need for refrigeration.

Goats’ milk whether long life or fresh, is just as versatile as cows’ milk and can be used in hot drinks, cereals and cooking with great results.

St Helen’s Farm Longlife goats’ milk is available in 1 Litre size cartons, either as whole milk with 3.5% fat or semi-skimmed milk with 1.6% fat.

The Natural Alternative

Goats’ milk is the natural alternative for people who are avoiding cows’ milk in their diet.

Many people tell us that goats’ milk suits them much better than cows’ milk. It can be easier to digest and even skin conditions such as eczema can be relieved by stopping the cows and switching to the goat.

Nutritionally, goats’ milk is very similar to cows’ milk, so you don’t miss out on all the vital calcium, vitamins and minerals that you expect from natural milk. Goats’ milk is just as versatile as cows’ milk and can be used in hot drinks, cereals and cooking with great results. St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk is all pasteurised and available either as whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed in 1Litre size cartons.

Where to buy

St Helen's Farm products are available nationwide.

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From British Family Farms

Our milk is 100% British and is sourced from St Helen's Farm and eight other family goat farms located in Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Best served chilled

Shake_blue.jpgWhilst St Helen’s Farm Longlife goats’ milk can be stored without the need for refrigeration, to enjoy at its best, please refrigerate and shake gently before use.

The health benefits

Discover the differences between cow and goats milk and learn about the gentle benefits of a goats' milk diet.

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Helen BondConsultant Dietitian

Carton recycling

Our goats milk cartons are made from a renewable resource - paperboard. They have a food grade plastic coating to make them liquid-proof but they can be recycled and many local authorities now have bring bank or collection schemes for this style of beverage carton.

Download the nutrition information

All the key information you need, including calories, protein and fat – exactly what we print on the packaging

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