Stockist list

Find out which supermarkets stock our products

St Helen's Farm goats' milk products are available nationwide in the following supermarkets. The information is a guide only and not all stores will stock the range allocated.

If you experience difficulty in obtaining your favourite St Helen's Farm products, we suggest that you ask at your supermarket's Customer Information desk. It will help the store if you can quote the relevant bar code number as follows:

St Helen's Farm ProductBar code numberSainsbury'sTescoWaitroseOcadoMorrisons
Whole Goats' Milk 1Litre 5015326100087      
Semi-skimmed Goats' Milk 1Litre 5015326100049      
Skimmed Goats' Milk 1Litre 5015326100025      
Goats' Yogurt Natural 125g 50049752      
Goats' Yogurt Natural 450g 5015326450069  
Goats' Yogurt Low Fat 450g 5015326225032    
Goats' Yogurt Blossom Honey 400g 5015326040062      
Goats' Layered Yogurts 2x125g 50594917      
Goats' Butter 250g 5015326002220  
Double Goats' Cream 125g 5015326212544      
Vanilla Goats' Milk Ice Cream 500ml 5015326005009      
Goats Cheese Mild 240g 5015326240103    
Goats Cheese Mature 240g 5015326480202        
Goats Cheese Deli 1kg 0254330000005        
Sainsbury's SHF Goats' Cheese 240g 01730456        

You can also call the relevant supermarket Customer Helpline:

Click here for the St Helen's Farm Goats Milk Ice Cream stockists list.where-to-buy-product-range.jpg

Should you require any further help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact St Helen's Farm helpline on 01430 861715.