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From county shows to red tractor symbols, we are proud of all the achievements of our business, our products and our people and are pleased to display a selection of them here...

The Great Taste Awards

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These awards are held every year and attract around 12,000 entries across all sorts of food and drink categories. An esteemed group of over 500 judges, including chefs, food writers, restaurateurs and others, all taste a selection of products and then award a small number of them a coveted gold star – ranked from three stars to one.

They are seen as the 'Oscars' of the food and drink world and we are pleased our products have been enjoying success at these awards for the last six years.

St Helen’s Farm Goats Butter, 2 stars, 2018
The judges loved our butter, commenting that it is ‘very smooth and creamy’ and it ‘melts away in the mouth’.

St Helen’s Farm Whole Goats Milk – 1 star, 2018
The experts were won over, commenting that our whole milk is a ‘delicious product’.

St Helen’s Farm Skimmed Goats Milk – 1 star, 2018
The judges explained how our skimmed milk is ‘fresh, slightly creamy with a mild flavour’ and liked its ‘surprising richness for skimmed milk’.

St Helen’s Farm Natural Goats Milk Yogurt, 1 star, 2018
The judges loved the ‘great creamy texture’ and the ‘excellent lactate flavours with good citrus notes’.

St Helen’s Farm Blossom Honey Yogurt – 1 star, 2018
A ‘smooth yogurt with a gentle honey flavour’ that is ‘delightful’ and ‘beautifully balanced’.

St Helen’s Farm Chocolate Ice Cream – 1 star, 2018
The judges remarked on its richness and that the ‘chocolate gives a fabulous deep colour and depth of flavour’.

St Helen’s Farm Mature Goats Cheese – 1 star, 2017
The judges explained how our cheese ‘is nicely balanced’ and ‘the texture is creamy and crumbly’ they ‘could see this grating well.’.

St Helen’s Farm Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 star, 2017
The judges felt our ice cream was ‘rich and creamy.’ They described it’s ‘lovely vanilla quality. Great length of cream and vanilla notes dancing along the taste buds’.


This year we were especially pleased to be certified as a Great Taste producer, awarded to companies with a proven track record of achieving Great Taste awards for a minimum of three years.


Cheese and Dairy Shows

Perhaps the most satisfying awards we get are when our products are tasted and judged by people who may not even know of us.

It happens each year at County Shows like the Bath and West, the Nantwich Show (home of the International Cheese Awards) and on our home patch at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Our successes in recent years include:

  • 2019 - Devon Show in May

    Natural Yogurt - Second

    Fat-Free Yogurt - Second

    Mild Cheese - Second

    Double Cream - Second

    Peach and Passionfruit Layered Yogurt - Second

  • 2019 - Cream Awards

    Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurt – First

  • 2018 - Global Cheese Awards

    Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurt – Best Yogurt

    Brie – Silver

    Natural Goats Milk Yogurt – Bronze

    Blueberry Yogurt – Silver

  • 2018 - International Cheese Awards

    Mild Goats' Cheese - Gold

    Goats' Butter - Bronze

    Natural Goats' Milk Yogurt - Bronze

  • 2018 - Great Yorkshire in July

    Mild Goats' Cheese - Second

    Goats' Brie - Second

    Vanilla Ice Cream - Second

  • 2018 - Bath & West in May

    Butter - Gold

    Honey Yogurt - Silver

    Natural Yogurt - Silver

    Mature Goats' Cheese - Bronze

    Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurt - Bronze

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