Crafted with care

We're meticulous about crafting naturally delicious goats' milk products from our dairy in the beautiful Vale of York.

We share techniques for producing the finest goats' milk products between our close-knit dairy family. Fundamental to crafting our award-winning products is the belief that nothing should be rushed but instead nurtured. We take slow and thorough care of every delicious product we make.

Deliciously gentle and crafted with care

We lightly homogenise our goats' milk to maintain its creamy, yet refreshing and light taste. Every delicious drop of milk is slowly filtered, creating an unbeatably thick and creamy yogurt before adding its bio-live cultures.

When it comes to our butter, there is an art to making it the best butter in the land; it begins with the gentle churning of cream, slowly separating it from the goats' buttermilk. This natural and time-old process creates our famously rich and creamy goats' butter.

An extraordinary Yorkshire team

We're a tight-knit Yorkshire team, who operate like a family, many of our colleagues have been with us for an exceedingly long time. They're personally invested in our common goal; creating great-tasting products to support good causes. 

We love coming to work every day – we have the best job in the world in the best place in the world!

Quality assured

From Great Taste awards to Red Tractor assured, we are proud of all the achievements of our business, our products and our people. We have produced award-winning products for 30 years, and as a result, we were recognised as a Great Taste Producer in 2017. 


Our team ensure every product we produce meets those incredibly high and award-winning standards. St Helen's Farm products are tested daily by our Quality team to ensure they are both safe and delicious. You can rest assured, we fully meet the requirements of the SALSA standard, which is a national food safety certification scheme, designed to independently monitor that manufacturers are producing safe and legal food and drink. That means guaranteed quality in each and every drop of dairy goodness we produce.