Counting the calories?

It's that time of year when Leisure Centres and Gymnasiums see their membership levels rise as people strive to work off a few extra pounds they may have put on over the festive period.

It's not all about exercise, of course, and many of us at this time of year also look to reduce our calorie intake whilst still trying to eat a nutritionally balanced diet.

So, if you are a fan of our goats milk, you will pleased to know that you can still enjoy some of your favourite products and reduce your calorie intake at the same time.

St Helen's Farm Skimmed Goats Milk (in many Tesco and Sainsbury stores) has just 60 calories per 200ml serving compared to 122 calories for whole milk - that's a reduction of more than half. Not only that, but because skimmed milk is virtually FAT FREE, it also contains NO CHOLESTEROL.

Yogurt fans will be pleased to know that our 450g FAT FREE Goats Milk Yogurt (in some Tesco, Waitrose stores and Ocado online) has 60% fewer calories than our standard Natural Goats Milk Yogurt. So that's just 42 calories per 100g, compared to 105 calories - a reduction of 63 calories per 100g! And don't forget that our yogurt is made entirely from fresh goats milk and Live cultures, with no added ingredients.

So what are you waiting for? Jog down to your local store and buy some today!

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