Fat Free Yogurt in Sainsbury's!

Sainsbury shoppers will soon be able to choose our live FAT FREE goats milk yogurt for the first time. We are very pleased to announce that the popular 450g pots will be available in selected stores from 22nd May.

Made with skimmed goats’ milk and no additives other than live cultures, it has 0% fat and 55% fewer calories than our whole milk natural yogurt. Which means that a typical 150g serving contains only 71 calories.

It is therefore ideal for those who wish to reduce their fat and calorie intake, but please be assured that our ever popular 450g Natural Goats Milk Yogurt will continue to be stocked in Sainsbury’s, as usual.

Look out for them in store but if you have difficulty in locating a stockist then please contact the Sainsbury helpline on 0800 636262 or call the farm on 01430 861715 and we shall do our best to help.