Fruited Yogurt Supply

Waitrose customers who enjoy our twinpack fruited yogurts (Mango and Lime and Blueberry and Rosehip) may experience a temporary shortage in their local store over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, there is a disruption in the supply of fruit for these two lines, which means that we will not be able to produce anymore until late February.

We ask you to bear with us until we can get back on stream once again. In the meantime we thank you for your patience and hope that you wil enjoy our natural or fat free yogurt to which you can add your own fruit or other favourite ingredients, or else try the delicious Blossom Honey yogurts in the same 2x125g format.

NEWS UPDATE 2 MARCH: We can now announce that our fruited yogurts will be back in store from about Wednesday 4th March. Please call our helpline on 01430 861715 if you have any difficulties.

Thank you.