Available now in Morrisons

We've begun supplying national supermarket chain Morrisons following a significant surge in requests to increase availability across the country. 

Our Whole and Semi-Skimmed Gentle Goats' Milk launched in store on Saturday. Initially 75% of Morrisons depots will be supplied, with that increasing to all depots in February 2020 when the brand will officially become the only goats' milk available in Morrisons stores.   

Already the market leader in goats' milk, we currently have a market share of 62% and will further strengthen our position in the market as a result of the full Morrisons distribution. We're absolutely delighted to see our milk hit the shelves in Morrisons – another business with incredibly proud Yorkshire roots. 

We get so much brilliant feedback from our customers about the quality and taste of our products and so many tell us that we're a lifeline for them for many different health and lifestyle reasons. More recently, we've seen an increase in demand for our products at locations across the country where our range isn't already stocked. This fantastic listing with Morrisons has meant additional distribution that gets us greater coverage country-wide.

A huge congratulations to all the team involved in securing this listing and thanks to all those who have made it possible to deliver to Morrisons.