Good as Gold

After consistently striking gold in the Great Taste Awards for the last six years, St Helen’s Farm is delighted to be certified as a Great Taste Producer.

The annual awards attract around 12,000 food and drink entries and are assessed by a panel of over 500 judges, including chefs and restaurateurs.

This year we were pleased to win another batch of Gold Stars for our products and were delighted to read some of their comments:

Whole Goats Milk – 2 stars. ‘creamy and fresh taste’.
Goats Butter – 2 stars. ‘an elegant butter, melts in the mouth’.
Natural Live Goats Yogurt – 2 stars. ‘beautiful consistency’.
Mature Goats Cheese – 1 star. ‘nicely balanced, creamy and crumbly’.
Vanilla Goats Ice Cream – 1 star. ‘rich and creamy’.

Hopefully, all of you will know this already, but if the judges words entice you to try one of our products for the first time, do email and let us know your comments!