MONEY BACK, if you don't love the taste!

If you’re trying goats’ milk for the first time (or you know someone who you think should try it) we’re confident you’ll love the taste, but if you don’t we’ll give you your money back.


Our products have won many awards for their incredible taste, so many in fact in 2017, we become a Great Taste® Producer! Our whole goats’ milk came out with a fantastic 2-star award with the 500 expert judges commending its creamy and fresh taste.


We are extremely proud of our products and their exceptional taste but it’s not the only reason you should give goats’ milk a go, goats’ milk could leave you feeling a whole lot better! Learn more about the goodness of goats’ milk and it’s many health benefits and see how a simple change to your routine could help. Find out more HERE.

To claim your money back, simply follow the link below:

*Proof of purchase required