A new-look goats cheese…


Our cheese has a fresh new look which will be appearing in supermarkets across the country over the coming months. We’re delighted to announce that you will now be able to find variants of our cheese in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose & Partners, Morrisons, Booths, Co-op and Ocado. Please note we’ve updated the weight of our cheese to bring it in line with similar products in the market.

At St Helen's Farm, we do not have the facilities to manufacture cheese ourselves. It is a very skilled craft and we therefore send our fresh goats' milk to Singletons & Co, a specialist cheesemaker, in the beautiful rolling hills of Lancashire. Where the daily routine of milking, ‘cheddaring’, maturing and grading continues in much the same way that it has for generations.

Singletons & Co have been handcrafting their award-winning cheeses since 1934. Our milk is used to make St Helen’s Farm mild and mature goats’ cheese, each remain hand-crafted through the traditional ‘cheddaring’ process. Once the cheese is made and pressed into blocks, it is stored at a cool temperature whilst it matures and develops to just the right flavour for our deliciously mild and wonderfully mature goats’ cheese.

That flavour is assessed by our expert cheese graders who sample the cheese at each stage of the maturation process until it is judged to be the correct taste, texture and appearance for you to enjoy.

15th April 2020