NEW for cheese lovers – Goats Brie!

Our latest goats’ cheese may be a newcomer, but there is nothing new about the art of making Brie – it is a traditional hand crafted cheese made over many years with great skill and experience.

In partnership with Appleby Creamery, an artisan cheesemaker in Cumbria, we use only the finest British fresh goats’ milk to make St Helen’s Farm Goats’ Brie. Once pasteurised, the milk is separated into curds and whey, where the curds are then cut and transferred to special baskets that create the distinctive round shape.

After draining and turning the cheeses, they are soaked in brine before being stored in a cool environment and regularly hand turned for 10 days, during which time the familiar white ‘bloom’ of surface mould is formed on the outside of the cheese.

The cheese has a deliciously mild and creamy flavour, with a soft texture that changes over time as the cheese continues to develop and mature over the life of the cheese.

It is a versatile cheese that is perfect for sharing, looks great on the cheeseboard and is a delight to cook with – all with the St Helen’s Farm reassurance of top quality and exquisite taste!

Available at your local Waitrose where you will find it on the goats’ cheese shelf.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think of it, just drop us a line at or call the customer line on 01430 861715 – we love to hear from you.