New shape for little pots

The shape of the small pots that we use for double goats cream and natural goats milk yogurt are changing. From this week, the 125g pots will have a chunkier base and wider body, although the height is about the same.

All this means that the pots will be more stable than the old tapered pots that had a tendency to tumble over on shelf in the supermarket or at home in your fridge (as you told us!).

It also means that there will be a little more headspace in the top of the pot once opened. But don't worry, there is still 125g of product in the container. In fact, it should help, because we know from experience that the cream, in particular, had a tendency to spill because it was so brimful!

 The appearance of the pots is exactly the same as the old ones, so you should be able to spot them on your supermarket shelf. We think they are better and hope you agree too!