Phil Vickery & Gentle Milk

Celebrity chef and regular on ITV’s This Morning, Phil Vickery, has teamed up with the St Helen’s Farm, to highlight the gentle benefits of goats’ dairy.

Phil, who has released several health-focussed cook books, has been tasked with encouraging the nation to incorporate goats’ milk products into their diet by doing what he does best – creating mouth-watering dishes. He’s developed three deliciously gentle recipes using goats’ milk, goats’ yogurt, goats’ cheese and goats’ butter to get people thinking differently about their dairy choices.

Recent trends have shown that people are searching for cows’ milk alternatives and are often heading straight to dairy-free products, meaning they’re missing a really important step in goats’ milk. It’s nutritionally closest to cows’ milk, yet it has many properties that set it apart. It’s lower in lactose, has different proteins and fats and is four times higher in prebiotics.  Learn more about the health benefits of goats milk HERE.

Phil said: “It’s a pleasure to be working with St Helen’s Farm. I’m passionate about helping people create simple, yet delicious and healthy foods and goats’ milk products are a really great way of making sure your diet is packed full of calcium, protein and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

“When St Helen’s Farm asked me to create three dishes, it was really important to showcase the delicious, gentle flavours of the milk and yogurt and really hero these fantastic products. Goats’ milk is fantastic for cooking as it gives you a really creamy texture yet is light too. I’ve loved creating these recipes for St Helen’s Farm and I hope the nation will enjoy them too.”

We’re delighted to be working with one of the UK’s most well-known and well-loved chefs. Phil is very much about making sure we’re eating healthy but still enjoying our food and that’s what makes him a perfect ambassador for our brand.

We’re really keen to show the nation what goats’ milk is all about. We’ve been producing goats’ milk for more than 30 years and so we know a thing or two about great tasting products. Our range of milks, yogurts, cheeses, butter and cream are packed full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and are deliciously creamy, yet refreshingly light.

Our partnership comes as we unveil a brand-new look for our milk cartons which are hitting the shelves this week. The fully-recyclable milk cartons feature a new design which highlight the deliciously gentle taste profile of goats’ milk.