Quick Ideas

Creamy Topping

For a speedy and creamy topping, simply mix 4 tablespoons of Natural or Low Fat goats yogurt with a teaspoon of honey or Agave syrup and a few drops of vanilla essence. Great over your favourite dessert.

Breakfast Smoothie

Take 300ml of fresh goats milk, a tablespoon each of oats and ground almonds, and place in blender with a sliced banana and honey to taste. Now that's a healthy start to the day.

Herby Goats Cheese

Cube 100g of goats cheese, mix with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and white wine vinegar and add a little basil and oregano. Season to taste and serve on crisp green salad and a side of crusty bread with goats butter. Heaven at last.

Goats Cheese Toasts

Spread pesto or a few spoonfuls of chutney onto a slice of French bread. Then top with grated goats cheese and place under grill until melted. Delicious.

Goats Yogurt Coleslaw

Try natural goats' milk yogurt as an alternative to mayonnaise. Mix together grated carrot, red or white cabbage, apple and onion with natural yogurt, then stir in a handful of sultanas for a delicious coleslaw.

Dippy Ideas

Natural (or low fat) goats milk yogurt is great for dips. Try 125g of yogurt with finely grated goats' cheese and a handful of chopped chives. Or try with half a small grated carrot and 5ml of grated root ginger. It's dippy!

All made with delicious goats milk