We source our milk from farms in Yorkshire and the Midlands who share our long-held philosophy of maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare. We've been supporting British farmers throughout our 30 years with a shared focus on producing fresh and delicious goats' milk.

Supplied by family farms

As the popularity of goats' milk in the UK has grown, so has St Helen's Farm. What was initially a small business operating from a smallholding in Yorkshire has now grown into the UK's favourite goats' milk brand.

Our deliciously gentle milk now also comes from family farms in Yorkshire and the Midlands to make sure breakfast tables up and down the country are filled with dairy goodness.

Our milk comes from farmers who share our commitment to producing great-tasting products and treating every goat with absolute respect.

Freshness and quality guaranteed

We pack our goats' milk fresh every day to ensure you're picking up nothing but the best from your local supermarket.

Our supplying farms’ attention to high standards of hygiene and animal welfare, together with a well-balanced diet for their goats, means that St Helen's Farm goats' milk is wonderfully tasty and refreshingly light and creamy. So much so that many of our customers say they can't detect any difference between goats' and cows' milk.

Animal welfare, a shared commitment

The farms we source our milk from all share our long-held philosophy of maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare. True collaboration is paramount to our successful and long-term relationships with the farmers.

To ensure our mutual expectations are maintained, and that every goat is well-treated, we have a range of measures in place. These include: 

• a comprehensive farm animal welfare policy used to train all farm staff to the highest standards;
• an independent whistleblowing scheme accessible to all supplying farms and their employees;
• CCTV installed on each farm;
• a regular program of unannounced inspection visits and audits.

We are resolute in our pursuit of ensuring the highest level of animal welfare is maintained at our supplying farms. Should a supplier farm fail in these standards, we won't continue to take milk from them.

We're proud to be recognised for our commitment to animal welfare and affirmed with Red Tractor's Goat Farmers Dairy Farm Assurance certification.

Supporting British farmers

We've been supporting British farmers for more than 30 years. All of the farmers we work with share our passion for great tasting goats' milk.

We support family farms here in the UK. It's home to the most naturally delicious and nutritious goats' milk in the world, why wouldn't we want to play our part in keeping it that way?